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Stabilization of Teflex, polytrifluorochloroethylene

M. Peterka

Staatliches Forschungsinstitut für Materiálen und Technologie, Praha


Abstract: With a 'push' plastometer, the effect of NO2-, ClO3-, BrO3-, and CrO3 on the stability of poly(trifluorochloroethylene) (I) in the relation to the temp. suitable for good workability was described. The addn. of 0.1% KBrO3 + 0.1% NaNO2 to I had an optimum effect on the thermal degradation of I; good workability was possible at 300-40°. By this stabilization, the mech. properties of I are improved and the elec. properties are not impaired. Of the metals, Cu has a catalytically detrimental effect and Al, Zn, Fe, and Cr an unfavorable effect on the rate of decompn. of I.

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Chemical Papers 17 (9) 656–665 (1963)

Saturday, June 22, 2024

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