ISSN: 0366-6352 (print version)
ISSN: 1336-9075 (electronic version)
Springer's Journal No. 11696


Author: Kadlec

Ni-W alloy coatings deposited from a citrate electrolyte 492 501
Matilda Zemanová, Robert Kurinec, Vladimír Jorík, and Magdaléna Kadlečíová Vol. 66, 5
Physical and Chemical Changes during Microwave Drying of Rice 32 35
J. Kaasová, P. Kadlec, Z. Bubník, B. Hubáčková, and J. Příhoda Vol. 56, 1
Membrane Filtration in the Sugar Industry 375 382
A. Hinková, Z. Bubník, P. Kadlec, V. Pour, and H. Štarhová Vol. 54, 6a
State properties of adsorbates 660 684
O. Kadlec Vol. 29, 5
 Importance of adsorption kinetics in the separation of N2 and O2 on NaA zeolite 493 495
P. Seidl and O. Kadlec Vol. 29, 4
Influence of the ionizing radiation on the adsorbate in the metastable state 319 324
J. Punčochářová, A. Fojtík, and O. Kadlec Vol. 29, 3

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