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Peroxynitrite: In vivo and In vitro synthesis and oxidant degradative action on biological systems regarding biomolecular injury and inflammatory processes

E. Hrabárová, P. Gemeiner, and L. Šoltés

Department of Glycobiotechnology, Institute of Chemistry, Center for Glycomics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK-84538 Bratislava, Slovakia



Received: 22 February 2007  Revised: 12 June 2007  Accepted: 27 June 2007

Abstract: This review summarizes all significant data regarding peroxynitrite chemistry, the ways of its synthetic preparation as well as the degradative action of this species on biomolecules, in particular glycosaminoglycans, among which the hyaluronan degradation by peroxynitrite has recently been the subject of greater interest than ever before. The complex chemical behavior of a peroxynitrite molecule is strongly influenced by a few factors; conformational structural forms, active intermediates release, presence of CO2 and trace transition metals, different reaction conditions, as well as the rules of kinetics. Special attention was focused on monitoring of the kinetics of the degradative action of peroxynitrite in or without the presence of residual hydrogen peroxide on high-molar-mass hyaluronan.

Keywords: peroxynitrite - biosynthesis - synthesis - pathophysiological aspects - polymer degradation

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DOI: 10.2478/s11696-007-0058-8


Chemical Papers 61 (6) 417–437 (2007)

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