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An Effect of the Eccentric Position of the Propeller Agitator on the Mixing Time

J. Karcz and J. Szoplik

Department of Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Szczecin, PL-71 065 Szczecin



Received: 1 April 2003

Abstract: An effect of the eccentric position of the propeller agitator on the mixing time was studied. The case of the upward and downward pumping mode of the single and double propeller agitators, located eccentrically in the 0.27 m3 cylindrical vessel was analyzed. Tracer experiments were used to determine the mixing time. Measurements were conducted within the turbulent regime of the Newtonian liquid flow in agitated vessel. In comparison with the data obtained for the centric position of the propeller, mixing time decreases with the increase of the eccentricity and number of the impellers. Pumping mode of the propeller affects also the mixing time, especially when the liquid is agitated by means of the impeller located in the centric position in the agitated vessel. The results of the dimensionless mixing time Θ , obtained within the range of the performed measurements, are described mathematically (eqns (1) and (2)).

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Chemical Papers 58 (1) 9–14 (2004)

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