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Author: Wasiak

Interpretation of interactions of halogenated hydrocarbons with modified silica adsorbent coated with 3-benzylketoimine group silane 626 635
Rafał Wawrzyniak and Wiesław Wasiak Vol. 65, 5
Predicting retention indices of aliphatic hydrocarbons on stationary phases modified with metallocyclams using quantitative structure-retention relationships 104 112
Patryk Bielecki and Wiesław Wasiak Vol. 65, 2
New SPME fibre for analysis of mequinol emitted from DVDs 113 118
Magdalena Palacz and Wiesław Wasiak Vol. 65, 2
Extraction of copper ions using silica gel with chemically modified surface 255 259
Iwona Rykowska, Wiesław Wasiak, and Joanna Byra Vol. 62, 3
Determination of Methyl Esters in Diesel Oils by Gas Chromatography - Validation of the Method 449 452
R. Wawrzyniak, W. Wasiak, and M. Frackowiak Vol. 59, 6b
Method Based on Solid Phase Extraction, LC and GC for Analysis of Bisphenol A in Drinking Water 382 385
I. Rykowska, A. Szymanski, and W. Wasiak Vol. 58, 6

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