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Author: Velek

Degradation of opioid peptides by fish egg enzymes 317 317
T. Barth, J. Barthová, I. Sadílková, L. Hauzerová, J. Pospíšek, J. Kronovetr, J. Velek, and J. Ježek Vol. 52, SI
New analogues of human insulin. Semisynthesis 318 318
T. Barth, J. Barthová, J. Rohlena, M. Nováková, J. Velek, V. Kašička, J. Ježek, K. Ubik, L. Hauzerová, K. Huml, and J. Škarda Vol. 52, SI
HPLCdetermination of chlorhexidine in dosage forms 601 606
K. Beneš and Z. Pavelek Vol. 42, 5
Comparison of the methods used for studying the equilibrium of the lyate ions in water-methanol mixture 299 304
Z. Pavelek Vol. 42, 3
Separation of water-soluble components in spent liquor from wood methanolysis 485 489
L. Pavlíčková, M. Štolbová, and J. Velek Vol. 19, 6

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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