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Author: Stránský

Application of Solid-Phase Extraction to HPLC Determination of Carbamate Pesticides in Water 390 395
V. Tatarkovičová and Z. Stránský Vol. 46, 6
Determination and strength of bases in methyl isobutyl ketone 591 603
V. Dostál, Z. Stránský, and P. Jiříček Vol. 35, 5
Nitrophenoxazines as neutralization indicators in acetone for determination of sulfonamides 231 236
V. Bekárek, H. Kalová, and Z. Stránský Vol. 31, 2
Nitrophenoxazines as Neutralization Indicators in Acetone and Pyridine Determination of Derivatives of Malonic Acid 507 515
Z. Stránský and J. Grúz Vol. 26, 6
Oxazines as acid-base indicators. IX. Determination of weak bases in nitromethane and in the mixture, chloroform-dioxane 424 430
Z. Stránský and V. Stužka Vol. 22, 6
Oxazines as acid-base indicators. VIII. New indicators for titration in anhydrous acetic acid 341 346
Z. Stránský and V. Stužka Vol. 22, 5

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