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Author: Stankoviansky

Study of electron structures of 3-(X-phenyl)iminoxindoles 237 245
A. Košturiak, S. Stankoviansky, and D. Zacharová-Kalavská Vol. 31, 2
β-Resorcylidenethiosemicarbazone analytical reagent 614 620
S. Stankoviansky, A. Beňo, and J. Čársky Vol. 28, 5
Spectrophotometric study and analytical utility of reaction of β-resorcylidenethiosemicarbazone with copper(II) 123 131
S. Stankoviansky, A. Beňo, J. Čársky, and E. Komiňáková Vol. 25, 2
Polarographic investigation of the ferrocene analogs of chalcone and calculation of the σ and σo constants of ferrocenyl group 19 27
S. Stankoviansky, A. Beňo, Š. Toma, and E. Gono Vol. 24, 1
Reaction of β-resorcylidenethiosemicarbazone and nickel(II) cations and its application for the gravimetric determination of nickel 589 596
S. Stankoviansky, J.Čársky, and A. Beňo Vol. 23, 8
Polarographic studies of some keto-isonitroso derivatives of indan 94 100
I. Zelenský, S. Stankoviansky, Dagmar Zacharová-Kálavska, and A. Košturiak Vol. 23, 2
Polarographic study of some 2-acyl derivatives of 1,3-indandione 101 106
Dagmar Zacharová-Kalavská, S. Stankoviansky, and I. Zelenský Vol. 23, 2
Gravimetric determination of cadmium with β-resorcylidene thiosemicarbazone 50 55
S. Stankoviansky, J. Čársky, A. Beňo, and E. Dolníková Vol. 22, 1
2-[p-(Diethylamino)phenylazo]-1,3-indandione as an acid-base indicator 423 429
E. Kuchár, S. Stankoviansky, and D. Zacharová Vol. 20, 6
Polarographic study of the complex formation between mercury ions and the meso and racemic forms of 2,3-diaminobutane 115 123
J. Königstein, S. Stankoviansky, and M. Herkeľová Vol. 20, 2
Microdetermination of fluorides in urine by mineralization 272 280
S. Stankoviansky and P. Biely Vol. 19, 4
Chelates of resorcylidene-4-phenyithiosemicarbazone. III 411 418
S. Stankoviansky, J. Čársky, and Š. Halada Vol. 17, 6
Polarographic study of water-insoluble isothiocyanates, p-chlorophenylisothiocyanate, 2,4-dichlorophenylisothiocyanate, and p-iodophenylisothiocyanate. II 300 306
R. Rusina, S. Stankoviansky, and K. Szabadošová Vol. 17, 5
Polarographic study of isothiocyanates insoluble in water. I. α-Naphthyl- and -naphthylisothiocyanates 625 632
S. Stankoviansky, R. Rusina, and K. Szabadošová Vol. 16, 8
Reaction of ammonium sulfite and ammonium bisulfite with formaldehyde 210 216
S. Stankoviansky Vol. 16, 3
Metallic salts of β-resorcylidenthiosemicarbazides. II 131 135
S. Stankoviansky and J. Čársky Vol. 15, 2
Metallic salts of salicylaldehyde 4-phenylthiosemicarbazone and of salicylaldehyde S-methyl-2,4-diphenylthiosemicarbazone 36 44
S. Stankoviansky and J. Čársky Vol. 15, 1
[N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)aminomethyl]quinizarin as a new metal chromium indicator for calcium 265 274
S. Stankoviansky, V. Podaný, F. Jasinger, and P. Majer Vol. 14, 4
The synchronization of mercury drops for polarographic purposes by a scraper 266 275
S. Stankoviansky Vol. 3, 8-9
The synchronization of mercury drops for polarographic purposes by a scraper 133 142
S. Stankoviansky Vol. 2, 5-6

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