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Author: Sommer

Production of cyclic alcohols 2397 2412
Tomáš Sommer, Martin Zapletal, and Jiří Trejbal Vol. 72, 10
Simultaneous determination of metal traces by ICP-MS in environmental waters using SPE preconcentration on different polymeric sorbents 899 906
Zuzana Holubová, Martin Moos, and Lumír Sommer Vol. 66, 10
Computer-aided process design of affinity membrane adsorbers: a case study on antibodies capturing 458 463
Peter van Beijeren, Peter Kreis, Achim Hoffmann, Martina Mutter, Sven Sommerfeld, Werner Bäcker, and Andrzej Górak Vol. 62, 5
Solid Phase Extraction and Preconcentration for the Determination of Trace Amounts of Platinum Group Metals in Environmental and Biotic Material A Critical Review 200 209
R. Vlašánková and L. Sommer Vol. 53, 3
Some Aspects of the Contemporaneous Analytical Chemistry A Personal View 184 199
L. Sommer and P. Voznica Vol. 53, 3
Spectrophotometric study of the complexing equilibriums of mercury(II) and its determination with 2-(2-pyridylazo)-1-naphthol-4-sulfonic acid 485 498
V. Koblížková, V. Kubáň, and L. Sommer Vol. 33, 4
Inventions and patents in the light of economic and social evolutions 297 306
G. Sommer Vol. 3, 8-9

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