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Author: Sirotková

Study of acid-base properties of N,N'-di(2-hydroxybenzyl)-ethylenediamine-N,N'-diacetic acid and its chelates with lanthanides 639 648
L. Sirotková, P. Novomeský E. Dvořáková, I. Valášková, and J. Majer Vol. 39, 5
1H NMR study of N-(o-hydroxybenzyl)iminodiacetic acid and its complexes with lanthanum and lutetium 351 361
P. Novomeský, L. Sirotková, and J. Majer Vol. 38, 3
Chelate formation of N-(o-hydroxybenzyl)iminodiacetic acid with rare earth elements 183 189
J. Majer, L. Sirotková, and I. Valášková Vol. 37, 2
Potentiometric studies on the formation of silver(I) chelates of EDTA alkyl and isoalkyl derivatives 339 343
L. Sirotková, M. Kalina, E. Dvořáková, and V. Novák Vol. 35, 3
Chelating agents derived from cysteine. Synthesis, dissociation constants and complexes with silver(I) 740 744
M. Struhár, L. Sirotková, and E. Dvořáková Vol. 29, 6

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