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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Author: Rievaj

Calibrationless determination of electroactive species using chronoamperograms at collector segment of interdigitated microelectrode array 173 178
P. Jenčušová, P. Tomčík, D. Bustin, M. Rievaj, and Z. Dovalovská Vol. 60, 3
Trace analysis of lead by anodic stripping voltammetry with collection at interdigitated microelectrodes in small-volume samples 111 115
M. Rievaj, Z. Dovalovská, and D. Bustin Vol. 60, 2
Electrochemical Determination of Nitric Oxide in Blood Samples 306 310
M. Rievaj, J. Lietava, and D. Bustin Vol. 58, 5
IDA Microelectrode - a Suitable Sensor for Ultra-Trace Analysis of Mercury in Water 175 178
M. Rievaj and D. Bustin Vol. 55, 3
Polarographic Study of the Reactions of cis- and írans-Dicyanochromium(III) Complexes with Hg2+ Ions 104 109
M. Rievaj, J. Mocák, and D. Bustin Vol. 55, 2
The 60th Anniversary of Professor Dušan Bustin 297 297
M. Rievaj Vol. 51, 5
Application of Voltammetric Microelectrodes for Mercury Trace Analysis in Food Products - Fruit Juices and Beer 11 14
M. Rievaj, Š. Mesároš, A. Brunová, and D. Bustin Vol. 51, 1
Resolution of DPASV Overlapping Peaks of Indium and Cadmium in Trace Analysis of High Purity Gallium Arsenide 88 90
M. Rievaj and D. Bustin Vol. 48, 2
Gold Fibre Microelectrode — Application in Trace Analysis of Arsenic and Mercury in Water 91 94
M. Rievaj, Š. Mesároš, and D. Bustin Vol. 48, 2
Mercury Traces Determination by Voltammetry on Gold Fibre Microelectrode in Some Food Samples 31 33
M. Rievaj, Š. Mesároš, and D. Bustin Vol. 47, 1
The application of microelectrodes for amperometric titrations 53 60
H. Hofbauerová, D. Bustin, S. Mesároš, and M. Rievaj Vol. 45, 1
Amperometrically indicated "pseudotitrations". 4. Complexometric determination of Cr(III) compounds in low concentrations using deconvolution voltammetry and differential pulse polarography 227 233
D. Bustin and M. Rievaj Vol. 41, 2
Electrochemical resolution of cyanide-linkage isomers in the course of the reaction of [Cr(CN)2(H2O)3NO] with  Hg2+ ions 749 757
M. Rievaj and D. Bustin Vol. 38, 6

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