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Author: Mistrik

Effect of Carboxymethyl Chitin-Glucan on the Activity of Some Hydrolytic Enzymes in Maize Plants 326 329
L. Tamás, J. Huttová, I. Mistrík, and G. Kogan Vol. 56, 5
Formation of Formic Acid and its Esters under Conditions of Hydroformylation 149 153
M. Polievka and E. J Mistrík Vol. 26, 2
Hydroformylation of furan compounds 350 358
E. J. Mistrík and A. Mateides Vol. 25, 5
Hydroformylation of α,β-unsaturated acid esters 286 294
E. J. Mistrík and J. Durmis Vol. 23, 4
Hydroformylation of 2,4-dichlorophenyl allyl ether. Preparation of γ-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)butyric and γ-phenoxybutyric acids 844 850
J. Střešinka, V. Macho, and E. J. Mistrik Vol. 22, 11
Hydrogenation of α,β-unsaturated aldehydes on Raney zinc catalysts 641 649
E. J. Mistrik, J. Nevydal, and V. Macho Vol. 20, 9
Kinetics of the reaction of ethylene oxide with hydrogen sulfide and thiodiglycol 501 506
M. Repáš, V. Macho, and E. J Mistrik Vol. 20, 7
Cumulative effect of various admixtures in propylene from pyrolysis on its hydroformylation 870 878
V. Macho, E. J. Mistrík, and J. Strešinka Vol. 20, 11
The hydroformylation of propylene by using the high boiling products as solvents 732 738
V. Macho and E. J. Mistrik Vol. 18, 10
The effect of diolefins on the oxo synthesis 629 639
V. Macho, E. J. Mistrik, and J. Střešinka Vol. 17, 9
Kinetics of the formation of furfuryl alcohol resins 625 630
J. Mistrík and S. Bobula Vol. 15, 9

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