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Author: Markuš

Online monitoring of polysaccharide solution concentration by electromagnetic field, electrical conductivity and spectrophotometry measurements 5885 5894
Silvonen, Jussi, Järvelä, Niko, Koppanen, Markus, Järveläinen, Matti, Ojuva, Arto, Levänen, and Erkki Vol. 75, 11
Synthesis and isolation of methyl bismuth cysteine and its definitive identification by high resolution mass spectrometry 742 744
Joerg Hippler, Markus Hollmann, Heinrich Juerling, and Alfred V. Hirner Vol. 63, 6
Determination of the Surface Activity of Powders by Electrochemical Methods 5 10
M. Gálová, K. Markušová, L. Lux, I. Žežula, and R. Oriňáková Vol. 51, 1
Electrochemical behavior of organotin compounds 726 739
K. Markušová, D. Kladeková, and I. Žežula Vol. 34, 6
Induced decomposition of 9,10-dioxyanthracene 81 88
M. Lazár, J. Rychlý, and S. Markuš Vol. 33, 1
Initiation of methyl methacrylate polymerization by 9,10-dioxyanthracene 89 94
M. Lazár, J. Pavlinec, and S. Markuš Vol. 33, 1

Friday, January 21, 2022

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