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Author: Lubyová

Surface Tension of Melts of the System KF—KCl—KBF4 78 83
Ž. Lubyová, V. Daněk, and D. K. Nguyen Vol. 51, 2
Control Mechanism for Alumina Dissolution in Cryolite Melts 59 63
Ž. Lubyová and V. Daněk Vol. 49, 2
Synthesis of BaFe12019 Powders in Molten Alkali Metal Chlorides 245 247
V. Daněk and Ž. Lubyová Vol. 48, 4
Solubility and Rate of Dissolution of Alumina in Cryolite-Based AIF3-Rich Melts with Additions of LiF, CaF2, and MgF2 218 220
Ž. Lubyová, P. Fellner, and J. Gabčová Vol. 47, 4
Influence of LiF, CaF2, MgF2 additives and of dissolved aluminum on wetting of graphite by the cryolite-based melt 201 204
P. Fellner and Ž. Lubyová Vol. 45, 2
Electrolytic metal-coating in molten-salts 527 565
K. Matiašovský, P. Fellner, M. Chrenková-Paučírová, Ž. Lubyová, and A. Silný Vol. 41, 4
Equilibrium between aluminum and the cryolite melt containing lithium-fluoride 145 151
P. Fellner and Ž. Lubyová Vol. 40, 2
Chronopotentiometnc study of the molten system NaCI—KCl—AICI3 617 622
P. Fellner, Ž. Lubyová, and M. Gabčo Vol. 37, 5
 Influence of the addition of aluminium into molten zinc bath on the kinetics of formation of intermetallic phases in the system Fe—Zn 327 332
P. Fellner, Ž. Lubyová, and D. Pohl Vol. 36, 3
Preparation of master alloy of aluminum with strontium by electrolysis of molten chlorides 763 767
P. Fellner and Ž. Lubyová Vol. 35, 6
 Influence of wetting of the electrode on its effective surface Application to the study of diffusion in the melt NaCl—KCl—PbCl2 711 719
P. Fellner and Ž. Lubyová Vol. 33, 6
Simultaneous flame photometric determination of lithium and sodium 839 849
Ž. Lubyová, M. Malinovský, and K. Matiašovský Vol. 21, 11

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