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Effect of Ultrasound on the Arylation of Methylene-Active Compounds with 4-Iodotoluene 222 225
M. Mečiarová, B. Jakubíková, Š. Toma, and D. Loos Vol. 52, 4
Correlation Analysis of Infrared, 31P NMR, and Theoretical Data of Derivatives of Phosphoric and Thiophosphoric Acids 230 234
F. Gregan, A. Perjéssy, D. Loos, and N. Prónayová Vol. 52, 4
Correlations between Structure and Biological Activity of Bis-Quaternary Isosters of 1,5-Pentanediammonium Dibromides Algicidal Activity and Inhibition of Photochemical Activity of Chloroplasts 39 42
K. Kráľová, D. Loos, F. Devínsky, and I. Lacko Vol. 49, 1
QSAR Study Concerning Photosynthesis Inhibition in Algae and Plant Chloroplasts by 2-Alkylthio-6-Rbenzothiazoles L 2-Alkylthio-6-aminobenzothiazoles, 3-(2-Alkylthio-6-benzothiazolylaminomethyl)-2-benzothiazolinethiones, 3-(2-Alkylthio-6-benzothiazolylaminomethyl)-6-bromo-2-benzothiazolinones 198 202
K. Kráľová, D. Loos, F. Šeršeň, and E. Sidóová Vol. 48, 3
Synthesis, Infrared Spectra, Conformation, and Antiyeast  Activity of 2-(Alkoxycarbonylmethylthio)-6-aminobenzothiazoles 420 423
E. Sidóová, A. Perjéssy, D. Loos, and T. Kuchta Vol. 46, 6
Quantitative relations between structure and pesticidal activity of new pyridazinyl thiophosphates 537 546
P. Zahradník, V. Konečný, D. Loos, J. Žúžiová, and J. Leška Vol. 43, 4
Benzothiazole compounds .34. Preparation of (e)-3-(2-r-vinyl)-2-benzothiazolinones and investigation of their growth-regulating activity 567 578
T.T. Tran, V. Sutoris, V. Sekerka, A. Gáplovský, A. Perjéssy, and D. Loos Vol. 43, 4
Contribution to the study of carcinogenicity of polycyclic aromatic-hydrocarbons and their azaanalogues Carcinogenesis in the excited triplet-state 257 269
J. Leška, G. Krčulová, and D. Loos Vol. 40, 2

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