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Author: Kopecký

Effect of overexpression of uncoupling protein 1 on brown adipose tissue in aP2-U cp mice 391 391
F. Baumruk, P. Flachs, K. Formankova, and J. Kopecky Vol. 52, SI
Elaboration of methods for the determination of iodothyronine deiodinase activities of type I, II, and III in different tissues 385 386
P. Brauner, S. Pavelka, and J. Kopecky Vol. 52, SI
Characterization of tissue metabolism of thyroid hormones in very premature infants 387 388
S. Pavelka, J. Kopecky, and P. Brauner Vol. 52, SI
X-Ray and Raman Structure Study of 9-[2-(Phosphonyl) Methoxyethyl] Adenine, PMEA - a Potent Antiviral Compound 286 287
J. Zachová, I. Císařová, V. Kopecký, and P. Mojzeš Vol. 52, SI
Mitochondrial Uncoupling Proteins in Control of Energy Balance and Adiposity 247 248
J. Kopecký, M. Rossmeisl, I. Syrový, M. Horáková, P. Kolárová, Z. Hodný, F. Baumruk, P. Flachs, L. Janderová, and K. Formánková Vol. 52, SI
Basicity, Ionic Associations and their Effect on Solubility of the Antineoplastic Benflurone 99 106
F. Kopecký and B. Kopecká Vol. 51, 2
Spectrophotometric Study of the Effect of Univalent Electrolytes on Critical Micelle Concentrations of [1 -(Ethoxycarbonyl)pentadecyl]trimethylammonium, 1-Hexadecylpyridinium, and Dimethylbenzyldodecylammonium Bromides 300 305
O. Greksáková, J. Oremusová, M. Vojteková, and F. Kopecký Vol. 48, 5
Micellization of [1-(Ethoxycarbonyl)pentadecyl]trimethylammonium Bromide Studied by Conductometry and Potentiometry 55 59
F. Kopecký, M. Vojteková, J. Oremusová, and O. Greksáková Vol. 47, 1
Micellization of dimethylbenzyldodecylammonium bromide and the micelle association with bromide counterions studied by potentiometry and cryoscopy 463 472
F. Kopecký, M. Vojteková, P. Stopjaková, and J. Oremusová Vol. 45, 4
Extraction of heptacaine 231 235
M. Pešák, F. Kopecký, and J. Čižmárik Vol. 37, 2
Cryoscopic properties of aqueous solutions of heptacaine and some of its analogs 42 50
F. Kopecký, V. Záhorka, M. Vojteková, and J. Čižmárik Vol. 32, 1
Osmometry in Vapour Phase. I. Osmotic Coefficients of Some Electrolytes at 40°C 327 332
F. Kopecký and A. Dymeš Vol. 26, 4
Aqueous solutions of antipyrine and its derivatives. I. Heats of solution 666 675
F. Kopecký, M. Hollá, and J. Čelechovský Vol. 21, 9
Separation of glycerol from NaCl by ionic retardation 274 280
A. Kopecký Vol. 20, 4

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