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Author: Karova

Formation of carbonated apatite in equilibrium system CaO–P2O5–H2CO3–H2O at 298 K in air 5763 5771
Marina V. Chaikina, Natalia V. Bulina, Igor Yu. Prosanov, Konstantin B. Gerasimov, and Svetlana V. Makarova Vol. 77, 10
Relationship between the decrease of degree of polymerisation of cellulose and the loss of groundwood pulp paper mechanical properties during accelerated ageing 1124 1129
Katarína Vizárová, Soňa Kirschnerová, František Kačík, Anna Briškárová, Štefan Šutý, and Svetozár Katuščák Vol. 66, 12
Cysteine and related thiols as regulators of cathepsin B activity 393 393
Kj. Prochazka and B. Karova Vol. 52, SI
Different efficiency of proteolytic cleavage of histones by cathepsin B 394 395
E. Krepela, J. Prochazka, and B. Karova Vol. 52, SI
A simple method for testing the thermal stability of stationary phases in gas-liquid chromatography 607 611
O. Mlejnek and H. Sečkařová Vol. 15, 8
Identification and determination of phenol, p-cresol, dian (bisphenol A) and p-hydroxybenzoic acid with paper chromatography 885 889
O. Mlejnek and H. Sečkářová Vol. 15, 11-12
The determination of free ethylene glycol in its polyesters 760 764
O. Mlejnek and H. Sečkářová Vol. 15, 10

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