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A fast and selective method to determine phenolic compounds in quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Will) seeds applying ultrasound-assisted extraction and high-performance liquid chromatography 431 438
Jonathan Carrasco-Sandoval, Paulina Rebolledo, Darlene Peterssen-Fonseca, Susana Fischer, Rosemarie Wilckens, Mario Aranda, and Karem Henríquez-Aedo Vol. 75, 1
Interaction of antitumoral drug erlotinib with biodegradable triblock copolymers: a molecular modeling study 2023 2034
Dominik Hlaváč, Diana Klushina, and Jonáš Tokarský Vol. 72, 8
Organic solar cells based on anthracene-containing PPE–PPVs and non-fullerene acceptors 1769 1778
Shahidul Alam, Rico Meitzner, Ogechi V. Nwadiaru, Christian Friebe, Jonathan Cann, Johannes Ahner, Christoph Ulbricht, Zhipeng Kan, Stephanie Höppener, Martin D. Hager, Daniel A. M. Egbe, Gregory C. Welch, Frédéric Laquai, Ulrich S. Schubert, and Harald Hoppe Vol. 72, 7
Polyaniline/montmorillonite nanocomposite thin layers deposited on different substrates 317 327
Lenka Kulhánková, Jonáš Tokarský, Petra Vilímová, Pavlína Peikertová, and Oldřich Motyka Vol. 71, 2
Raman study of PANI thin film during long time period in dependence on storage conditions 379 385
Pavlína Peikertová, Lenka Kulhánková, Lucie Neuwirthová, and Jonáš Tokarský Vol. 71, 2
Formation of coordination compounds with aniline in the interlayer space of Ca2+-, Cu2+- and Fe3+-exchanged montmorillonite 131 134
Veronika Janíková, Eugen Jóna, Róbert Janík, Viliam Pavlík, Darina Ondrušová, and Michaela Ďurčeková Vol. 70, 1
Anoxic granulated biomass and its storage 1577 1584
Miloslav Drtil, Lenka Babjakova, Zuzana Imreova, and Ivana Jonatova Vol. 67, 12
Comparison of anoxic granulation in USB reactors with various inocula 132 138
Katarína Galbová, Petra Pagáčová, Miloslav Drtil, and Ivana Jonatová Vol. 64, 2
Intercalation of Pyridine Derivatives and Complex Formation in the Interlayer Space of Cu(II)-Montmorillonite 248 250
E. Jóna, E. Rudinská, M. Kubranová, M. Sapietová, M. Pajtášová, and V. Jorík Vol. 59, 4
Interactions of Co-Exchanged Montmorillonite with Pyridine, 4-Methyl- and 4-Ethylpyridine 295 298
E. Jóna, M. Kubranová, S. C. Mojumdar, and M. Kopcová Vol. 56, 5
Synthesis, Thermal and Spectral Properties of Cu(II) and Ni(II) Complexes with Furopyridines or Quinoline 290 293
A. Krutošíková, B. Mitasová, E. Jóna, and M. Bobošíková Vol. 55, 5
Characterization of Some New Mg(II) Complexes with Heterocyclic N-Donor Ligands and their Antimicrobial Effects 39 44
S. C. Mojumdar, D. Hudecová, M. Melník, and E. Jóna Vol. 54, 1
Thermal Decomposition and IR Spectra of Mg(II) Compounds with Caffeine 309 314
S. C. Mojumdar, M. Melník, and E. Jóna Vol. 53, 5
Preparation and Properties of Magnesium(II) Compounds with Some Bioactive Ligands 265 271
S. C. Mojumdar, M. Melník, E. Jóna, and D. Hudecová Vol. 53, 4
Application of biotinylated phosphorylcholine polyacrylamide derivative in study of binding properties of boar seminal plasma proteins. 323 324
J. Liberda, M. Ticha, and V. Jonakova Vol. 52, SI
DQH sperm surface protein, HNK protein and spermadhesins in the heparin-binding fraction of boar seminal plasma 320 320
M. Kraus, M. Ticha, and V. Jonakova Vol. 52, SI
Complete Covalent Structure Determination of DQH Sperm Surface Protein 306 306
K. Bezouška, P. Halada, P. Novák, V. Havlíček, and V. Jonáková Vol. 52, SI
In Praise of Chirality 167 182
J. Jonas Vol. 51, 3
Heterogeneous reactions of solid nickel(II) complexes. XIX. Enthalpy change and mechanism in thermal decomposition of tetrakis(pyridine)nickel(II) isothiocyanate (Ni(NCS)2py4) 371 378
I. Horváth and E. Jóna Vol. 38, 3
Isomerism of nickel(II) complexes. VIII. Study of isomerism of isothiocyanatonickel(II) complexes with some alkylamines 100 106
E. Jóna, B. Vojtas, T. Šramko, and J. Gažo Vol. 30, 1
Heterogeneous reactions of solid nickel(II) complexes. X. Study of stoichiometry of thermal decomposition of isothiocyanatonickel(II) complexes with some alkylamines 107 113
E. Jóna, B. Vojtas, and T. Šramko Vol. 30, 1
Heterogeneous reactions of solid nickel (II) complexes. VII. Thermal decomposition of two isomers of dithiocyanatobis(quinoline) nickel(II) dihydrate 588 593
E. Jóna, T. Šramko, and J. Gažo Vol. 27, 5
Isomerism of nickel(II) complexes. Vi. Two isomeric forms of bis(isothiocyanato)bis(quinoline)nickel(II) dihydrate 145 151
E. Jóna, T. Šramko, and J. Gažo Vol. 27, 2
Isomerism of Nickel(II) Complexes. II. Conditions of Formation and Structure of Isomers Ni(NCS)2(Quinoline)2 241 248
E. Jóna, T. Šramko, J. Kohout, A. Sirota, and J. Gažo Vol. 25, 4
Heterogeneous reactions of solid nickel(II) complexes. II. Kinetics of the reactions of dichlorotetrathioureanickel(II) complex and gaseous ammonia 420 428
E. Jóna, V. Jesenák, and T. Šramko Vol. 23, 6
Heterogeneous reactions of solid nickel(II) complexes. I. Reaction of a dichlorotetrathioureanickel(II) complex with gaseous ammonia 648 655
E. Jóna, T. Šramko, and J. Gažo Vol. 22, 9
Complex compounds of nickel(II) with thiourea. II. Thermal decomposition of compounds of the type NiX2(tu)n 517 522
E. Jóna and T. Šramko Vol. 21, 7
Thermal decomposition of thiourea studied by gravimetric thermal analysis and infrared spectroscopy 569 576
E. Jóna and T. Šramko Vol. 20, 8
Péče o vodu v potravinářských průmyslech 257 265
V. Jonáš Vol. 6, 3-4

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