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Author: Hrnčiarová

Importance and possibilities of quantitation of advanced glycation end-products 437 437
V. Jakus, J. Carsky, and M. Hrnciarova Vol. 52, SI
Inhibition of erythrocyte lipid peroxidation in diabetic rats by coumarines 444 445
M. Hrnciarova, P. Hrnciar, V. Jakus, O. Ulicna, and J. Carsky Vol. 52, SI
Study of inhibition of protein glycation by fluorescence spectroscopy 446 446
V. Jakus, N. Rietbrock, and M. Hrnciarova Vol. 52, SI
A Novel Route for the Preparation of Hydrotalcite and Synthesis of Intercalated Reversible Dioxygen-Carrying Cobalt (II) Complexes 262 270
M. Zikmund, K. Putyera, and K. Hrnčiarová Vol. 50, 5
Thermogravimetric analysis of the titanium(III) complexes containing coordinated aliphatic alcohols and structural aspects of their decomposition reactions 206 216
M. Zikmund, K. Hrnčiarová, M. Handlovič, and M. Brilla Vol. 33, 2
Thermogravimetric investigation of some chloro(pyridine) complexes of titanium(III) 606 611
M. Zikmund, A. Valent, and K. Hrnčiarová Vol. 29, 5
The thermal decomposition of 1,4-dioxane complexes of titanium(III) chloride 612 614
M. Zikmund, A. Valent, and K. Hrnčiarová Vol. 29, 5
On Phthalides and 1,3-Indandiones. XLIII. Preparation of 2-(l-Naphthyl)-l,3-indandiones and 2-(2-Naphthyl)-l,3-indandiones Substituted in Position 5 of the Indandione Ring and in Position 4(1) of the Naphthalene Ring 215 221
M. Hrnčiarová and P. Hrnčiar Vol. 25, 3
Synthesis, Thermogravimetric and Magnetochemical Investigation of Chloro(tetrahydrofuran)titanium(III) Complexes 843 849
M. Zikmund, A. Valent, K. Hrnčiarová, and M. Kohútová Vol. 23, 11-12
Synthesis and the thermogravimetric investigation of complexes of titanium(III) chloride with aliphatic alcohols 917 928
M. Zikmund, Ľ. Štepničková, and K. Hrnčiarová Vol. 22, 12

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