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Author: Horecky

Determination of creatine kinase kinetics following mild chronic brain ischemia in adult rats by P-31 nuclear magnetization transfer 335 336
S. Kasparova, V. Mlynarik, T. Liptaj, D. Dobrota, and J. Horecky Vol. 52, SI
Role of Kupffer cells in adenosine-mediated glycogenolysis and vasoconstriction: A study with the isolated perfused rat liver 423 423
K. Vajdova, R. Smrekova, M. Kukan, and J. Horecky Vol. 52, SI
Release of lysosomal and cytosolic enzymes into the effluent perfusate after warm and cold ischemia of rat liver 461 462
R. Smrekova, K. Vajdova, M. Kukan, and J. Horecky Vol. 52, SI
Effect of modulation of Kupffer cells on tumor necrosis factor-alpha release into the perfusate of cold stored livers obtained from endotoxin-treated rats. 465 465
M. Lutterova, K. Vajdova, R. Smrekova, M. Kukan, J. Horecky, and S. Hrusovsky Vol. 52, SI

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