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Author: Gabčová

Chemical Reactions of Sulphur Species in Cryolite-Based Melts 235 239
M. Ambrová, P. Fellner, J. Gabčová, and A. Sýkorová Vol. 59, 4
Two Approaches to the Calculation of the Phase Diagrams Containing Congruently Melting Compounds Systems NaF—Na2SO4 and NaF—NaAlF4 233 237
V. Danielik, J. Gabčová, and P. Fellner Vol. 53, 4
Cryolite Corner of the Phase Diagram of the Ternary System NaF—AIF3—KF 13 15
J. Gabčová, M. Marko, and P. Fellner Vol. 49, 1
Phase Diagrams of the Ternary System Na3AIF6—Na3FS04—Na2S04 and Its Thermodynamic Analysis 215 217
P. Fellner, J. Gabčová, V. Danielik, and M. Láska Vol. 47, 4
Solubility and Rate of Dissolution of Alumina in Cryolite-Based AIF3-Rich Melts with Additions of LiF, CaF2, and MgF2 218 220
Ž. Lubyová, P. Fellner, and J. Gabčová Vol. 47, 4
Physicochemical properties of the molten system Na3AlF6-K3AlF6-Al2O3. 1. The temperature of primary crystallization 677 684
P. Fellner, M. Chrenková, J. Gabčová, and K. Matiašovský Vol. 44, 5
Phase-diagram of the system LiF-NaF-Na2SO4 and its thermodynamic analysis. 1. Experimental investigation of the phase diagram 177 182
J. Gabčová and P. Fellner Vol. 44, 2
Phase-diagram of the system LiF-NaF-Na2SO4 and its thermodynamic analysis. 2. Calculation of the phase diagram according to the molecular model 183 190
P. Fellner, J. Gabčová, and J. Valtýni Vol. 44, 2
Calculation of surfaces of liquidus and of isotherms in the phase-diagrams of the ternary-systems NaCl-NaF-Na3FSO4 and NaCl-Na2SO4- Na3FSO4 177 185
J. Gabčová, M. Malinovský, and P. Kottáš Vol. 40, 2
Cryometry in ternary-systems 187 200
J. Gabčová and M. Malinovský Vol. 40, 2
Experimental-determination and thermodynamic analysis of the phase-diagrams of the systems NaCl-Na2SO4 and NaCl -NaF 201 213
J. Gabčová and M. Malinovský Vol. 40, 2
 Experimental study of the phase equilibria in the systems NaCl—NaF—Na3FSO4 and NaCl—Na2SO4 —Na3FSO4 449 454
J. Gabčová and I. Koštenská Vol. 38, 4
Phase diagram of the system LiF—NaF—KCl 760 766
J. Gabčová and M. Malinovský Vol. 32, 6
Thermodynamic analysis of the two-component systems LiF—NaF and NaF—NaCI 783 795
M. Malinovský and J. Gabčová Vol. 30, 6
Study of the binary systems LiF—NaCl and LiF—KCl 796 804
J. Gabčová, J. Peschl, M. Malinovský, and I. Koštenská Vol. 30, 6
 Phase diagram of the ternary system LiF—NaF—NaCI 813 818
J. Gabčová and M. Malinovský Vol. 30, 6

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