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Author: Bustin

Calibrationless determination of electroactive species using chronoamperograms at collector segment of interdigitated microelectrode array 173 178
P. Jenčušová, P. Tomčík, D. Bustin, M. Rievaj, and Z. Dovalovská Vol. 60, 3
Trace analysis of lead by anodic stripping voltammetry with collection at interdigitated microelectrodes in small-volume samples 111 115
M. Rievaj, Z. Dovalovská, and D. Bustin Vol. 60, 2
Electrochemical Determination of Nitric Oxide in Blood Samples 306 310
M. Rievaj, J. Lietava, and D. Bustin Vol. 58, 5
IDA Microelectrode - a Suitable Sensor for Ultra-Trace Analysis of Mercury in Water 175 178
M. Rievaj and D. Bustin Vol. 55, 3
Polarographic Study of the Reactions of cis- and írans-Dicyanochromium(III) Complexes with Hg2+ Ions 104 109
M. Rievaj, J. Mocák, and D. Bustin Vol. 55, 2
Application of Voltammetric Microelectrodes for Mercury Trace Analysis in Food Products - Fruit Juices and Beer 11 14
M. Rievaj, Š. Mesároš, A. Brunová, and D. Bustin Vol. 51, 1
Resolution of DPASV Overlapping Peaks of Indium and Cadmium in Trace Analysis of High Purity Gallium Arsenide 88 90
M. Rievaj and D. Bustin Vol. 48, 2
Gold Fibre Microelectrode — Application in Trace Analysis of Arsenic and Mercury in Water 91 94
M. Rievaj, Š. Mesároš, and D. Bustin Vol. 48, 2
Mercury Traces Determination by Voltammetry on Gold Fibre Microelectrode in Some Food Samples 31 33
M. Rievaj, Š. Mesároš, and D. Bustin Vol. 47, 1
Determination of Trace Lead in Human Urine Using Hanging Mercury Drop Semimicroelectrode Influence of Matrix Effect and its Elimination 98 101
Š. Mesároš, H. Hofbauerová, and D. Bustin Vol. 46, 2
The application of microelectrodes for amperometric titrations 53 60
H. Hofbauerová, D. Bustin, S. Mesároš, and M. Rievaj Vol. 45, 1
Determination of trace amounts of copper and lead in gallium arsenide crystals by anodic stripping voltammetry with mercury drop semimicroelectrode 643 649
H. Hofbauerová, Š. Mesároš, D. Bustin, and E. Beinrohr Vol. 44, 5
Possibilities of absolute chronoamperometric determination .I. 203 214
D. Bustin Vol. 41, 2
Possibilities of absolute chronoamperometric determination. 2. Influence of parallel chemical-reaction and shielding of the hanging mercury drop electrode 215 225
D. Bustin Vol. 41, 2
Amperometrically indicated "pseudotitrations". 4. Complexometric determination of Cr(III) compounds in low concentrations using deconvolution voltammetry and differential pulse polarography 227 233
D. Bustin and M. Rievaj Vol. 41, 2
Electrochemical resolution of cyanide-linkage isomers in the course of the reaction of [Cr(CN)2(H2O)3NO] with  Hg2+ ions 749 757
M. Rievaj and D. Bustin Vol. 38, 6
Preparation, spectral and electrochemical characterization of (dithiocarbamato)nitrosylchromium complexes 337 347
J. Labuda, J. Mocák, and D. I. Bustin Vol. 37, 3
Electrochemical study of some chromium(III) tris(dithiocarbamate) complexes 273 283
J. Labuda, D. I Bustin, and J. Mocák Vol. 37, 2
Electrochemical study of the diethyldithiocarbamate anion and of its oxidation products 633 642
J. Labuda, J. Mocák, and D. I Bustin Vol. 36, 5
Hydrolytic reactions of Cr(CN)2(H2O)3NO and NO(H2O)4Cr-NC-Hg3+ catalyzed by acetate and its α-chloro derivatives 459 469
J. Labuda, D. I Bustin, and J. Mocák Vol. 35, 4
Analogue solution of kinetics of the disproportionation following a first-order chemical reaction 153 164
J. Mocák, D. I. Bustin, and V. Pencák Vol. 31, 2
Amperometrically indicated pseudotitrations. III. Volumetric determination of cobalt(III) with ethylenediamine 609 613
H. Hofbauerová, J. Mocák, and D. I. Bustin Vol. 28, 5
Coulometric Bromometric Titration of Free and Coordinately Linked Cyanides 126 132
J. Mocák, D. I. Bustin, and M. Žiaková Vol. 26, 2

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