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Author: Bukovská

Localization of an Origin of Replication in Brevibacterium flavum CCM 251 Phage BFK20 262 263
G. Bukovská, M. Hánová, I. Rašlík, J. Farkašovská, A. Godány, and J. Timko Vol. 52, SI
The Expression of Cellulase and Xylanase Genes in Coryneform Bacteria 264 265
J. Ugorčáková, G. Bukovská, and J. Timko Vol. 52, SI
Analysis of the Nucleotide Sequence of the Genome of Brevibacterium flavum CCM 251 Bacteriophage BFK20 266 267
I. Rašlík, G. Bukovská, A. Godány, and J. Timko Vol. 52, SI
Chromosome of Brevibacterium flavum CCM 251 Contains a Homolog to the Cyanide-insensitive Terminal Oxidase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa 268 269
N. Halgašová, I. Rašlík, G. Bukovská, J. Timko, and J. Kormanec Vol. 52, SI
Plasmid Transduction by Actinophage фU1 276 277
A. Farkašovská, A. Godány, A. Bukovská, I. Rašlík, J. Timko, and J. Turna Vol. 52, SI
Expression of a Silent Type II. Restriction System in Streptomyces Aureofaciens Strains After Actinophage Infection 281 281
A. Godány, J. Farkašovská, G. Bukovská, I. Rašlík, J. Timko, J. Turňa, and P. Pristaš Vol. 52, SI
Influence of alginate gel composition on the productivity of an immobilized yeast bioreactor 733 742
V. Báleš, A. Bukovská, L. Pach, J. Herain, and I. Langfelder Vol. 43, 6

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