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Author: Beran

Solving Reaction Models for the Systems with Particulate Solids 167 176
O. Trnka, M. Hartman, Z. Beran, and K. Svoboda Vol. 50, 4
Oscillographic polarography in quantitative analysis. XXII. The determination of trace amounts of Cu, Pb, Cd and Zn in Be and Mg metals and in Hf 333 340
P. Beran, J. Doležal, and P. Pacák Vol. 18, 5-6
Oscillographic polarography in quantitative analysis. XVI. The determination of ruthenium and osmium 517 523
P. Beran, M. Burian, and J. Doležal Vol. 17, 7
Photographic recording in the oscillographic determination of some metals after electrolysis 258 260
P. Beran Vol. 16, 4-5
Oscillopolarographic behavior of platinum metals 735 742
P. Beran Vol. 14, 11-12

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