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Production of 2-phenylethyl acetate via reactive distillation

Branislav Šulgan, Zuzana Labovská, and Jozef Markoš

Institute of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovak Republic



Received: 14 November 2019  Accepted: 28 January 2020


An alternative approach to 2-phenylethyl acetate production, reactive distillation process for 2-phenylethyl acetate production from 2-phenylethanol in the presence of an inert component, n-pentane, via esterification by acetic acid is presented. The main objectives of this work were shifting of the chemical equilibrium in favour of the desired product and achieving the required product purity. In the first step, graphical mapping methods were employed to evaluate reactive distillation applicability for 2-phenylethanol esterification. To describe the system phase equilibria, thermodynamic model NRTL-HOC was used. Process feasibility was evaluated using a boiling point analysis and residue curves maps, and the process operating window was estimated. Results show that the reactive distillation concept can be used for 2-phenylethyl acetate production as suitable product compositions without serious process limitations were predicted. Total equilibrium model (phase and chemical equilibria) was used for reactive distillation column calculations performed by the Aspen Plus software. Reactive distillation column parameters were calculated and optimised according to the design criteria. Finally, optimised reactive distillation column parameters were used for temperature and concentration profile evaluation. These results form a promising base for further steps in the design of 2-phenylethyl acetate production via reactive distillation.

Keywords: Reactive distillation; Proper model selection; Reaction equilibrium approach; V–L–L equilibria; Aspen Plus simulation; 2-Phenylethyl acetate

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-020-01082-9


Chemical Papers 74 (7) 2341–2356 (2020)

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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