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Controllable synthesis and luminescence property of spherical Lu(OH)CO3:Ln3+/LuBO3:Ln3+ (Ln = Eu, Tb) nanoparticles

Li-hui Zhang, Yan-biao Zhou, Wei-li Li, Xu-yao Zhao, and Ya-bo Wang

Pingdingshan University, Pingdingshan, China



Abstract: Lu(OH)CO3:Ln3+/LuBO3:Ln3+ (Ln = Eu, Tb) nanospheres have been synthesized by the soft chemistry route. This synthesis process does not require the addition of any organic solvents and surfactant. The whole process consists of homogeneous precipitation and hydrothermal process. First, uniform spherical Lu(OH)CO3:Ln3+ (Ln = Eu, Tb) nanoparticles with the sizes of 70 nm were obtained by the classic urea-based homogeneous precipitation. Then, with the above Lu(OH)CO3:Ln3+ (Ln = Eu, Tb) nanosphere as the precursor, the composites of Lu(OH)CO3:Ln3+/LuBO3:Ln3+ (Ln = Eu, Tb) nanospheres formed by the simple hydrothermal process. The phases, morphologies, as well as the luminescence properties of as-prepared samples were characterized by means of X-ray diffraction, field-emission scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and photoluminescence. Under a short wavelength excitation, the down-conversion Eu3+ and Tb3+-doped LuBO3 samples were investigated and explained.

Keywords: Lu(OH)CO3:Ln3+/LuBO3:Ln3+ (Ln = Eu, Tb) ; Spherical phosphors ; Nanoparticles ; Luminescence 

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-019-00728-7


Chemical Papers 73 (7) 1761–1766 (2019)

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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