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Preparation and characterization of heterogeneous weak base anion-exchange membranes

Eliška Stránská, Kristýna Weinertová, David Neděla, Jan Křivčík, and Natália Václavíková

MemBrain s.r.o, Stráž pod Ralskem, Czech Republic



Abstract: The preparation of new heterogeneous anion-exchange membranes containing particles of a weak basic ion-exchange resin in a polypropylene matrix is described. For comparison, a heterogeneous membrane consisting of a strong basic functional group was also prepared. The anion-exchange membranes were prepared in a laboratory discontinuous homogenizer and extruder followed by compression of extruded membranes to ensure the homogeneity of the test sample. Parameters important for a subsequent transfer of production from laboratory to an industrial scale, torque and head pressure, were observed. Electrochemical and mechanical properties of resulting membranes, in particular their ion-exchange capacity, areal and specific resistances, permselectivies, swelling in water, 1 mol dm−3 NaOH, and 1 mol dm−3 HCl solution, were determined. Weak basic ion-exchange resin Purolite A830 behaved similarly as the strong basic ion-exchange resin during processing, and the resulting membrane showed similar electrochemical and physical properties. The heterogeneous anion-exchange membranes with other weak basic anion-exchange resins showed unsuitable swelling, which was reflected in electrochemical properties of these ion-exchange membranes.

Keywords: Weak base anion-exchange membrane ; Heterogeneous membrane ; Characterization of ion-exchange membrane 

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-018-0584-6


Chemical Papers 73 (2) 447–454 (2019)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

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