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Terpyridine functionalized α-cyanostilbene derivative as excellent fluorescence and naked eyes Fe2+ probe in aqueous environment

Xuan He, Gao-Bin Zhang, Zi-Xin Chi, Peng-Fei Dai, Jian-Yan Huang, and Jia-Xiang Yang

Anhui University, Hefei, People’s Republic of China



Abstract: A novel carbazole derivative (L) functionalized by terpyridine was designed and synthesized. Its structure was fully characterized by FT-IR, HR-MS, 1H NMR spectra. L formed J-aggregates and possessed aggregation-induced emission enhancement property in aqueous environment. In addition, compound L showed specific response to Fe2+ in UV–vis spectra at 557 nm in EtOH–H2O mixed solvent, owing to metal-to-ligand-charge-transfer (MLCT). The emission quenched much more sharply than other metal ions when adding Fe2+. The interaction between compound L and Fe2+ was analyzed by UV–vis and fluorescence spectrum titration. The limit of detection was calculated to be 1.63 μM. The stoichiometric of L and Fe2+ was 2:1 confirmed by Job’s plots. Competition experiment indicated that other metal ions caused little interference. In this way, L could be a fluorescent and “naked eyes” probe for Fe2+ detection. This dual mode Fe2+ sensor can be considered to have potential value in practical applications.

Keywords: Terpyridine; Carbazole derivative; Fe2+ fluorescent probe

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-017-0214-8


Chemical Papers 71 (11) 2209–2215 (2017)

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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