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Analysis on the removal of ammonia nitrogen using peroxymonosulfate activated by nanoparticulate zero-valent iron

Ying Yang, Hongguang Guo, Yongli Zhang, and Qinzu Deng

College of Architecture and Environment, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China



Abstract: Nanoparticulate zero-valent iron (Fe0) was used to activate peroxymonosulfate (PMS) to remove low concentration of ammonia nitrogen in the aqueous system. The removal process was investigated under various conditions. It was indicated that the removal of NH4+ followed the pseudo-first-order kinetic model for the initial reactions. The removal rate increased with the ascending of pH and Fe0 dosage, while declined with the ascent of initial NH4+ concentration. The existence of nitrogenous compounds would inhibit the reactions, especially for the compounds with carboxyl structure functional groups. The identification of free radical proved that SO4- is the main radical in Fe0/PMS for the removal of ammonia nitrogen. The inorganic products including NO2-, NO3-, Fe2+ and Fe3+ were detected with the detailed mechanism proposed. The results demonstrated that Fe0/PMS process was more effective on ammonia removal compared to single Fe0, Fe0/persulfate and Fe0/H2O2. This study proposed a cost-effective process for NH4+ removal at very low concentration of sulfate radicals.

Keywords: Zero-valent iron; Peroxymonosulfate; Sulfate radical; Ammonia nitrogen; Reaction kinetics

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DOI: s11696-017-0144-5


Chemical Papers 71 (8) 1497–1505 (2017)

Sunday, June 23, 2024

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