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Importance of inter-residue interactions in ligand—receptor binding

Milan Senćanski and Ljiljana Došen-Mićović

Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca, Center for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade, Mihaila Petroviéa Alasa 1f-16, P.O. Box 522, 11001 Belgrade, Serbia



Abstract: In the present study, the role of inter-residue interactions in ligand binding and the ligand-receptor interactions were examined. Computational chemistry methods of ligand docking and molecular dynamics simulations were used to study the binding of β-funaltrexamine (β-FNA) and N-methyl-β-funaltrexamine (N-methyl-β-FNA) to μ- and κ-opioid receptors and to the μ-receptor with Lys3036.58Glu mutation. It was found that inter-residue interactions Lys2335.39-Glu3036.58 in the mutant receptor and Lys2275.39-Asp2235.35 in the κ-receptor are more likely to prevent covalent bond formation between β-FNA and the receptor than the ligand-receptor interactions. This emphasizes the importance of inter-residue interactions in ligand binding as well as the effects of point-mutations.

Keywords: inter-residue interactions – opioid receptors – molecular docking – molecular dynamics – β-funaltrexamine

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DOI: 10.1515/chempap-2016-0017


Chemical Papers 70 (7) 994–1002 (2016)

Thursday, June 20, 2024

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