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Prevention of degradation of γ-irradiated EPDM using phenolic antioxidants

Traian Zaharescu, Heloísa A. Zen, Mădălina Marinescu, Sandra R. Scagliusi, Elisabeth C. L. Cardoso, and Ademar B. Lugão

aDepartment of Advanced Materials, INCDIE ICPE CA, National Institute for Electrical Engineering, 313 Splaiul Unirii, Bucharest 030138, Romania



Abstract: The mitigation of oxidative degradation under γ-irradiation promoted by eight commercial antioxidants: Ethanox 330, Hostanox O3, Irganox 1010, Topanol OC, Ionox 220, Santonox R, Santowhite, Cyanox 2246 loaded onto ethylene–propylene terpolymer at the concentration of 0.5 phr in respect of a pristine polymer was studied. The polymer samples were exposed to various doses up to 500 kGy. The kinetic parameters of oxidations: oxidation induction times, onset oxidation temperature, oxidation rates were evaluated by CL measurements. They validated the differences in the stabilisation activities by limitation of the oxidation gradient. The high efficiency of some of the antioxidants studied, such as Ionox 220 and Santowhite, ensured the delay in degradation even at a high irradiation dose (500 kGy). For the environments with γ-radiation exposure, a relevant sequence in the increasing protection efficiency could be established: Topanol OC; Hostanox 03; Irganox 1010; Cyanox 2246; Santonox R; Ionox 220; Santowhite. The FT-IR spectra were recorded for the calculation of the radiochemical yields resulting from the modifications occuring in the concentrations of oxygenated structures. The accumulations of hydroxyl- and carbonyl-containing products were calculated to evaluate the irradiation effects in EPDM-based products during a severe accident. The options for EPDM stabilisation are discussed based on chemiluminescence and FTIR analyses.

Keywords: EPDM – radiation degradation – oxidation – stabilisation – FT-IR – chemiluminescence

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DOI: 10.1515/chempap-2015-0214


Chemical Papers 70 (4) 495–504 (2016)

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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