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Effect of temperature on the equilibrium and kinetics of galactose, glucose, and lactose adsorption on a cation exchanger

Łukasz Wiśniewski, Katarína Vaňková, Pavel Ačai, and Milan Polakovič

Institute of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Radlinského 9, 812 37, Bratislava, Slovakia



Abstract: Galacto-oligosaccharides are typically produced by an enzymatic reaction when the post-reaction mixture contains considerable amounts of lactose and glucose and a smaller amount of galactose. In order to develop a process of chromatographic removal of saccharide impurities, adsorption equilibria and kinetics of these di- and monosaccharides were investigated for Diaion UBK 530, an industrialgrade strong cation-exchanger in the Na+ form. Frontal chromatographic experiments were carried out in the temperature range of 30–70°C and a broad interval of saccharide concentrations up to 350 g L−1. Breakthrough curves were described using the equilibrium-dispersive model with the linear adsorption isotherm. Both the distribution and the axial dispersion coefficient values depended on the saccharide molecule type and size. No significant effect of temperature or concentration on the distribution coefficient was observed. The apparent dispersion coefficients of all saccharides exhibited some decrease with the temperature, which was caused by the decrease of the intraparticle mass transfer resistance. An analysis showed that both the intraparticle mass transfer and the axial dispersion had a significant influence on the front dispersion.

Keywords: adsorption – bioseparations – down-stream processing – galacto-oligosaccharides – ionexchange chromatography – mass transfer

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DOI: 10.2478/s11696-014-0569-z


Chemical Papers 68 (12) 1649–1655 (2014)

Sunday, February 25, 2024

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