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Determination of bioavailable iron in noncontaminated Slovak soils by flame atomic absorption spectrometry

J. Barteková, M. Žemberyová, D. Bajčan, and D. Vyšinská

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University, SK-842 15 Bratislava, Slovakia



Received: 9 May 2005  Revised: 23 August 2005  Accepted: 5 September 2005

Abstract: A method for the extraction of bioavailable iron from soils from various parts of Slovakia using a buffered diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA) solution was utilized. The extractant consists of 0.005 mol dm−3 DTPA, 0.1 mol dm−3 CaCl2, and 0.1 mol dm−3 triethanolamine with pH of 7.3. DTPA was selected as the chelating agent because it can effectively extract micronutrient metal, iron. Distribution of iron in the horizons of various types of soils with respect to bioavailable iron was evaluated. The bioavailable iron in the extracts was determined by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. The calibration standards were prepared in the same surroundings as the extracts. Comparing to the average of 2.7–3.7 % total iron contents in Slovak soils, the available amounts of iron represent in average only very small amounts, approximately 0.3 % in comparison to total amounts.

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DOI: 10.2478/s11696-006-0022-z


Chemical Papers 60 (2) 122–124 (2006)

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