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Separation of Cd(II) and Ni(II) ions by supported liquid membrane using D2EHPA/M2EHPA as mobile carrier

Roghaye Mahmoodi, Toraj Mohammadi, and Mansoor Kazemi Moghadam

Research Centre for Membrane Separation Processes, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Narmak, 13114-16846, Tehran, Iran



Abstract: The separation of Cd(II) and Ni(II) ions was studied in an aqueous sulphate medium using supported liquid membrane (SLM). D2EHPA/M2EHPA was used as a mobile carrier, microporous hydrophobic PTFE film was used as a solid support for the liquid membrane, and the strip phase was sulphuric acid. The effects of different parameters such as feed concentration, carrier concentration, feed phase pH, and strip phase pH on the separation factor and flux of Cd(II) and Ni(II) ions were studied. The optimum values obtained to achieve the maximum flux were 5.0 for feed pH, 40 vol. % for D2EHPA/M2EHPA concentration in the membrane phase, 0.5 for strip pH, and 0.012 mass % for feed concentration. Under these optimum conditions, the flux values of Cd(II) and Ni(II) were 15.7 × 10−7 kg m−2 s−1 and 2.6 × 10−7 kg m−2 s−1, respectively. The separation factors of Cd(II) over Ni(II) were studied under different experimental conditions. At a carrier concentration of 10 vol. % and feed concentration of 0.012 mass %, the maximum value of 185.1 was obtained for the separation factor of Cd(II) over Ni(II). After 24 h, the percentages of the extracted Cd(II) and Ni(II) were 83.3 % and 0.45 %, respectively.

Keywords: supported liquid membrane – cadmium – nickel – D2EHPA/M2EHPA

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DOI: 10.2478/s11696-013-0506-6


Chemical Papers 68 (6) 751–756 (2014)

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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