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Recovery of acetaminophen from aqueous solutions using a supported liquid membrane based on a quaternary ammonium salt as ionophore

Noura Kouki, Rafik Tayeb, and Mahmoud Dhahbi

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Arts, Bilecik University, 11210, Bilecik, Turkey



Abstract: A flat sheet-supported liquid membrane (FSSLM) system, consisting of an ionic liquid, tricapryl-methylammonium chloride (Aliquat 336®) in octan-2-ol, is proposed as a means of recovering acetaminophen (Ac) from aqueous solutions; Ac is an active ingredient widely used in many pharmaceutical preparations. Several parameters which could affect the transport efficiency were examined, i.e., the strippant nature and concentration in the receiving solution, the diluent nature, carrier concentration, initial acetaminophen concentration in the feed solution, and the polymeric support type. A facilitated transport was obtained by impregnating the polymeric support with 10 vol. % of Aliquat 336® in octan-2-ol, 1 M NaOH as a receiving solution, and a feed solution of Ac dissolved in ultrapure water. The study was completed by using the FSSLM thus developed for extracting Ac from some drugs in frequent use in Tunisia (Analgan®, Doliprane®, and Fervex®).

Keywords: supported liquid membrane – Aliquat 336® – acetaminophen extraction – drugs

Full paper is available at

DOI: 10.2478/s11696-013-0479-5


Chemical Papers 68 (4) 457–464 (2014)

Monday, May 27, 2024

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