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Molecular compounds [between alcohols, carbonyl compounds, etc.] indicated by the Ulehla osmometer

V. Kellö

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: Curves connecting velocity of osmosis with mol. compn. of solns., as obtained with an Ulehla reed-membrane osmometer, suggest that mol. compds. are formed between members of the group, poly-HO alcs., sugars, aldehydes, and carboxylic acids on the one hand, and mono-HO alcs., ethers, and ketones on the other. The mol. compns. of compds. formed in the systems studied are: CH2O-MeOH, -BuOH, -COMe2, -COMeEt, and -Et2O, COMe2-glycol and -1,2,5-hexanetriol (I), and Et2O-triglycol (II), -I, and -AcOH, 1:1; -COMe2-II, 2:1; COMe2-glycerol (III) and -HCO2H, 3:1; COMe2-L-arabitol, 5:1; COMe2-D-glucose and -H2C2O4, 6:1; COMe2-sucrose (IV) and -tartaric acid, 8:1; COMe2-citric acid, 10:1; Et2O-glycol, 1:2; Et2O-III, 2:1; Et2O-D-fructose 4:1; Et2O-IV 7:1; and Et2O-H2C2O4 4:1. Compds. are not formed in the systems CH2O-III, -II, -IV, -(CH2CH2OH)2 (V), -HO[CH2]2CHOHMe, and -AcOH, COMe2-MeOH and -V, Et2O-MeOH, -COMe2, and -V, V-AcOH, EtOAc-MeOH, and -CH2O.

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Chemical Papers 1 (7) 205–210 (1947)

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