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Reduction of molasses production by an economical method of sugar-beet clarification

J. Vašátko and R. Kohn

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Abstract: The production of sugar beet (I) can be increased if addnl. amts. of I are recovered from molasses. Ca saccharate (II), also cold saccharate, can be pptd. by powd. lime from dild. molasses (to 6% of I) at below 18°. Lab. expts. have shown that II contg. 14-15% sucrose and 15-16% CaO can be used for clarification of sugar-beet juice (III). The mixt. of diffusion III and returned over-carbonated muddy III (ratio 1:1) can be progressively prelimed (Dedek-Vas´atko) at 60° by II and simultaneously limed by II and carbonated at 85°. The filterable and sedimentary qualities of III are of such a good quality that rotary vacuum filters can be installed which will result in an economical mechanization of I production.

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Chemical Papers 7 (8) 495–513 (1953)

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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