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The structure of some isopoly compounds and heteropoly compounds by the method of tagged atoms

V. I. Spicyn

Academy of Sciences USSR


Abstract: Study of the structure of alkali pyrosulfates (I) by isotope S35, as radioactive indicator, shows that the behavior of S atoms in I is very much dependent on the character of cation in the outside sphere, especially on its polarization effect. In the case of Cs pyrosulfate there is a mol. compd. conventionally designated M2[SO4]SO3 and in the case of Li, M2[S2O7] with equivalent S atoms. In Na2W2O7 and Na2W4O13, it was found by radioactive isotope W185 that all W atoms are equiv. In heteropoly compds., H8[Si(W2O7)6].10.5H2O and H7[P(W2O7)6].16.5H2O (II), at pH 1.8, only 1/5 of the W atoms are capable of isotopic exchange. However after a partial decompn. of II, at pH 4.4, the isotopic exchange is finished in one hr. The isotopic exchange of W between Na6H4[H2(W2O7)6].27H2O and H7[P(W2O7)6].16.5H2O is practically zero.


Chemical Papers 8 (9) 553–562 (1954)

Saturday, December 14, 2019

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