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Physicochemical study of beet-sugar juice purification. IV. The determination of electrokinetic potential of suspended matter in muddy first carbonated juice

R. Kohn and J. Vašátko

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Abstract: cf. C.A. 50, 12515a. xi; Potential (I) of suspended particles in under-carbonated juice with alky. 0.130% CaO and in heavily over-carbonated juice with alky. 0.006% CaO was detd. The particles in the defecation lime cake (II) have neg. I which increases with the decreasing alky. of the juice and reaches max. -10.3 mv. in the 2nd carbonation with alky. 0.023% CaO. The heaviest particles in II (mostly CaCO3) prepd. after several centrifugations from the 1st muddy carbonated juice have neg. I, av. -4.8 mv. Qual. measurements of I, based on the cataphoresis and electro.ovrddot.osmosis, were detd. on cryst. CaCO3 particles, suspended in clear carbonated juice, and on CaCO3 particles formed by carbonation with milk of lime added directly into clear carbonated juice. In both cases I was neg. In beet-sugar juice, CaCO3 particles, formed in carbonation with lime and CO2, have in statu nascendi pos. I, but immediately numerous org. nonsugars from the juice are adsorbed and colloidal defecation aggregates with neg. I are formed.

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Chemical Papers 10 (8) 495–508 (1956)

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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