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The colorimetric determination of nitrates in water

E. Hlucháň and J. Mayer

Institute of Hygiene, Bratislva


Abstract: A colorimetric method for detn. of small amts. of nitrates in water by Na salicylate and trichloroacetic acid is described. The max. absorption of the yellow-colored solns. is at 410 mμ. The direct dependence of color intensity on the amt. of nitrates is up to 70 γ NO3- in 50 ml. The interfering effect of cations can be eliminated by filtration through an ion exchanger. Of the anions NO2- increases the color intensity; it can be eliminated by the addn. of a small amt. of Na azide in the ion exchanger before filtration. I- and Br- decrease the yellow-color intensity in amts. over 25 γ.

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Chemical Papers 10 (6) 387–395 (1956)

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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