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The structure of tetrahedral ions (MO4)n-

F. Hanic

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Abstract: The covalent bonds M.sbd.O' in the tetrahedral ions (MO4)n-, (M = Si, P, As, V, Se, Cr, and Cl), are equiv. and have a multiple character between 1 and 2 that can be expressed: N = 1 + [(rM-O - rM-O')/(rM-O - rM=O)]. rM-O' is the experimentally detd. length of the covalent bond in (MO4)n-, and rM-O and rM=O are the lengths of the simple and covalent bonds calcd. as follows: rM-O = 2√rM.rO - β|xM - xO|rM and rO are covalent radii of the central atom and O, resp., and xM and xO are the corresponding electronegativitics. Const. β is 0.030 for the double bond and 0.053 for the single bond. For the individual (MO4)n- ions the following multi plicities were calcd. for the covalent bonds: SiO44- 1.21, PO43- 1.41, VO43- 1.37, AsO43- 1.28, SO42- 1.53, CrO42- 1.59, SeO42- 1.45, and ClO4- 1.49. 75 references.

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Chemical Papers 10 (5) 268–281 (1956)

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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