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The kinetic relations of the polymerization without pressure of trifluorochloroethylene in pentachloroethane

M. Lazár and R. Rado

Forschungsinstitut für Kabel und Isolierstoffe in Bratislava


Abstract: The kinetic relations are described for the polymerization (initiated by Bz2O2) in a soln. of C2F3Cl in C2HCl5. The method is based on the measurements of decrease of concn. of C2F3Cl during the polymerization reaction. The exponent of the dependence of the polymerization speed on the concn. of the initiator is 0.8 at 70-90°, which agrees with the findings of Thomas and O'Shaughnessy (C.A. 48, 3771a). The total active energy of the polymerization is 26 kcal./mol., and the active energy of the initiation process is 30.5 ± 1.5 kcal./mol. The initiation process is caused by the radicals from the soln., formed during the polymerization, and the growth of the polymer chain is as usual. The ending of the growth of the chain causes 2 reactions simultaneously, occurring by the termination of retardation and by the termination of recombination.

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Chemical Papers 10 (2) 120–129 (1956)

Saturday, June 15, 2024

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