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The crystal structure of ammonium chlorochromate

F. Hanic and J. Maďar

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Abstract: The unit cell of NH4CrO3Cl is monoclinic and has the dimensions: a = 7.77 A.,b = 7.72, c = 7.96, β = 90°27', and Z = 4. The space group is P21/c. The structure was detd. by Patterson's projection P(u,v) and P(u,w). The positions of the individual atoms were identified more accurately by the calcn. of the projection of electron ds. into the planes (001) and (010) and by the application of the method of least squares. A complete analogy with KCrO3Cl was established. The structure of NH4CrO3Cl was compared with the structure of NH4CrO3F and KCrO3F, and a possible contraction of the Cr-O bond in CrO3X- was discussed. From the crystal structure of NH4CrO3Cl a macroscopic form of crystals was derived.

Full paper in Portable Document Format: 102a81.pdf (in Slovak)


Chemical Papers 10 (2) 81–90 (1956)

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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