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The kinetics of the polymerization of trichloroethylene in pentachloroethane

M. Lazár and R. Rado

Forschungsinstitut für Kabel und Isolierstoffe in Bratislava


Abstract: By detg. the polymerization velocity at changing concns. of trichloroethylene in pentachloroethane (I) (0.3-2.5 mol./kg.) at 70.3, 80.1, and 90.3° and by comparing the velocity consts. of the initiation and the unimol. decompn. of Bz2O2, it was found that the velocity of the polymerization increases directly in the relation with the concn. of the monomer. The velocity of the initiation is detd. exclusively by the spontaneous decompn. of the initiator. At a monomer concn. of 1.5 mol./kg. and at 80.3° there is a square-root relation of the polymerization velocity to the concn. of Bz2O2. It was assumed that at the initiation reaction there is a participation of I.

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Chemical Papers 11 (7) 383–389 (1957)

Sunday, June 23, 2024

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