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The determination of B complex vitamins in corn-steep extracts by microbiological tests

E. Bělík

Forschungsinstitut für Antibiotika in Roztoky bei Prag


Abstract: Aneurine (I), biotin (II), Ca pantothenate (III), folic acid (IV), nicotinamide (V), and riboflavine (VI) were detd. in 4 corn-steep exts. by lactobacilli. I was detd. by Lactobacillus fermenti CN 1325, II, IV, V, and VI by Lactobacillus casei CN 1357 and III by Lactobacillus arabinosus CN 1326. Corn-steep water evapd. in vacuum contained 51.2 of I, 0.6 of II, 47.5 of III, 0.78 of IV, 58.0 of V, and 3.2 γ/g. of VI based on the dry matter of the ext. These amts. were considered high. In the other 3 cornsteep waters evapd. under usual com. technique 41-49.0 of I, 0.34-0.38 of II, 14.5-21.5 of III, 0.26-0.6 of IV, 32.0-40.0 of V and 3.9-4.7 γ/g. of VI based on the dry matter of the ext.

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Chemical Papers 11 (1) 51–56 (1957)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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