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Catalysts for vinyl chloride. I. Calculation of the complicated reaction equilibrium in the synthesis of vinyl chloride. The specific action of sublimate catalyst

J. Janda

Research Institute for Acetylenchemistry, Nov√°ky


Abstract: Kp values experimentally found in the synthesis of vinyl chloride (I) from C2H2 and HCl, with HgCl2 and active C as catalyst, were compared with the theoretical thermodynamic values. The equil. compn. in the reaction mixt. at 350-550°K. was calcd. Even at the initial mol. ratio C2H2:HCl = 1:1, the conversion of C2H2 to I decreases permanently with the increasing temp., and the conversion to 1,1-dichloroethane (II) first slightly increases and at temps. above 230° decreases rapidly. This was found to be true by expt. By comparing the theoretical calcns. with practical results in the formation of II in the excess of HCl the selective effect of the catalyst (HgCl2 on active C) was detd. in the reaction forming I.

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Chemical Papers 11 (1) 15–23 (1957)

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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