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Peptides of cysteic acid isolated from basic and neutral fraction of partially acid hydrolyzate of horse hemoglobin

P. Mäsiar

Komensky University, Košice


Abstract: From the cryst. horse hemoglobin the protein component was isolated and subjected to partial hydrolysis with HCl. From the basic and neutral fraction after the oxidation with peroxyformic acid peptides of cysteic acid were isolated and their compn. by paper chromatography detd. It was detd. that the cysteic acid is surrounded to a great extent by highly polar dicarboxylic acids (aspartic and glutamic), basic amino acids (lysine, histidine and arginine) and hydroxyamino acids (serine and threonine). The interchain binding in hemoglobin mol. and cysteine participation in the active center of hemoglobin are discussed.

Full paper in Portable Document Format: 127a451.pdf (in Slovak)


Chemical Papers 12 (7) 451–457 (1958)

Thursday, May 30, 2024

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