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A new titration determination of N-alkylamino derivatives of phenothiazine

G. Dušinský and O. Lišková

Staatliches Institut für Heilmittelkontrolle, Gebietsinstitut für die Slowakei in Bratislava


Abstract: The suitable conditions for oxidimetric titration of N-alkylamino derivs. of phenothiazine (I), i.e. chloropromazine, diparcol, and phenergan, were studied. Under the favorable acidic conditions in titrations with Ce(SO4)2 and KBrO3 (in the presence of KBr) a red-colored semiquinoidinic free radical of I is formed when the electron is removed; this radical becomes colorless when an addnl. electron is removed. The titration is possible in the presence of other org. N-contg. heterocyclic compds. The reaction of chloropromazine with Ce(SO4)2 solns. is stoichiometric and occurs instantly.

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Chemical Papers 12 (4) 213–220 (1958)

Monday, May 20, 2024

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