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The filtration of saturated beet-sugar juice

R. Kohn, J. Vašátko, and Z. Kohnová

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Abstract: The effect of colloids present in muddy first satn. (carbonatated) beet-sugar juice (I) on filtration through a muddy layer was studied in the lab. The viscosity of the satd. or the diffusion juice has no effect on the filterability of I. The filtration of beet-sugar pectin soln. through a diaphragm contg. particles of pure CaCO3 (II) has shown that the pectin is adsorbed on II and slows down the filtration. The filtration of satd. clear juice of high quality contg. various amts. of colloids through a diaphragm contg. II and muddy particles of satd. juice was normal and as good as pure sucrose soln. About 5% of colloids was adsorbed and had no practical effect. There was considerable difficulty of filtration through the same diaphragm of contaminated low-quality first-satn. juice. Thus the colloid content of clear satn. juice has no practical effect on the filtration of muddy satn. juice if the juice is not contaminated. The cause of filtration difficulty lies in the character of muddy particles, their structure, and content of coagulated colloids and CaCO3 particles.

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Chemical Papers 12 (3) 163–180 (1958)

Saturday, September 26, 2020

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