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The study of the differential equation of the diffusion process by δ-function

L. Valko

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: The differential equation of diffusion on the endless half line was studied by the δ-function method. It is possible to study the diffusion during the nonstationary stage in the proximity of the line dividing soln. from solvent by analytically expressing the concn. by the following equation: c(y,t) = (c0/2√πDT)-{exp[-(y + y0)2/(4Dt)] + exp[-(y - y0)2/(4Dt)]}, where the concn. of the dissolved matter is expressed in point y and time t and at the initial time t = 0 the const. amt. of the diffused matter c0, is in the point y0. Also by this equation it is possible to calc. the value of the diffusion coeff. in the case of pure concn. diffusion from the change in concn. in the diffused matter in the destined place of the soln. during the short time interval.

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Chemical Papers 12 (3) 133–139 (1958)

Thursday, October 29, 2020

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